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Welcome to the Basket Basics online catalogue and shopping cart system.

After 21 years in business, Sherry is retiring and closing the business.

No orders will be filled November 7 — November 14 as Sherry prepares for her last open house.

The Open House will be November 15, 16 and 17.

After November 17 we will take orders while supplies last. We will not be replenishing our stock. We will try to keep up with the web page, removing items as they go out of stock. Watch for specials!

We are NOT taking orders for kits or bases Sherry has to make. Check the website.

Her target date for closing is December 1 but that may depend on what we have left.

THANK YOU for your loyalty and business through the years.

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(If you need an item you don't see here, contact me!)

Sherry started weaving in 1991 and and opened her Basket Basics shop in April 1997.

She has created over a hundred of her own designs through the years and made thousands of baskets. Once very active in local craft fairs she now concentrates on creating designs and running the business (and her grandkids).

She gives classes on a regular basis.

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